Specialist Works

AHU overhaul and upgrade

specialist_250To ensure existing HVAC systems are cost-effective, ECO of London undertake overhaul and upgrade projects for Air Handling Units (AHUs). We audit the current situation and devise strategies to enable your building to remain productive throughout the project. AHU overhauls and upgrades result in clear benefits including improved indoor air quality, noise reduction, temperature stability, lower maintenance and significant reductions in energy consumption.

We can:

  • Supply and install high efficiency fan motors
  • Remove TACs drives and supply and install invertor drives
  • Supply and install replacement fan shafts, bearings, pulleys and belts
  • Undertake Fan Dynamic balancing tests
  • Fabricate and install steel frames
  • Undertake fan overhauls and replacements
  • Replace LTHW and CHW coils
  • Replace condensate drip trays
  • Treat and paint metalwork
  • Complete air and water flow rate commissioning

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